Segara Kidul Temple

Segara Kidul temple is located under the steep cliff and hard work is needed to reach this temple. For people who have phobia on heights are expected to be careful. To reach Segara Kidul temple, we must climb down the 800 staircase.

On the way down, we will be served a gorgeous view with a stretch of blue sea and white sand. There are 3 main temples in Segara Kidul temple, namely, shrine for Dewa Wisnu, Dewa Brahma and Dewa Siwa. Beside those three temples, there is a temple for Ibu Ratu Kanjeng Roro Kidul or known as Roro Kidul. Before we visit Segara Kidul temple, we should visit Guyangan spring water first. Local people and Pemangku (people who lead the ceremony) believed that Guyangan spring water is place for cleaning ourselves spiritually.

Gallery of Segara Kidul Temple in Nusa Penida